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Hello its my new blog in Gatsby!

The reason for starting this thing up is that I want to blog more about design decisions I have to make while building SQLPad. This is mostly for my benefit. It'll be like a dev journal. But if someone out there reading this gets something out of it too great.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this move to Gatsby. One of the big topics I want to write and track is fighting bundle bloat in a a React application. SQLPad has ballooned in size and I want to document the fight against it.

So with that in mind it is a bit weird to replace my previous blog of 2 posts using Hugo (a fast go based site generator) with Gatsby (a slower react-based generator that downloads a huge chunk of npm).

Why am I doing it?

Because React is FUN. And there are tons of libraries out there. And I think I like building things more than writing things.

My hope is this thing becomes more than a blog. It'll be a dumping ground of all kinds of react stuff. Maybe I'll bring in a variety of component libraries for the fun of it. I don't know.

Also Gatsby is quite popular right now. That isn't a reason alone in particular, but it does mean that I can take advantage of the momentum of the community.

I mean syntax highlighting is built in my default. That's cool.

-- Look how nice this SQL looks
FROM its_pretty_cool

🔙 🏠 Thanks for reading!